Ph.D. Students

Current Ph.D. Candidates:

Taofiq Amoloye Amanda Grubb Nicholson Koukpaizan Alex Moushegian

Ph.D. Graduate Alumni:

To access our Ph.D alumni's theses on SMARTech, please click on the thesis titles below.

Dr. Kevin Jacobson - NASA Langley Research Center
2018: Adjoint-based Aeroelastic Optimization with High-fidelity Time-accurate Analysis
Dr. Joachim Hodara - Dassault Systemes
2016: Hybrid RANS-LES Closure for Separated Flows in the Transitional Regime
Dr. Daniel Prosser - NAVAIR
2015: Advanced Computational Techniques for Unsteady Aerodynamic-Dynamic Interactions of Bluff Bodies
Dr. Eliot Quon - NREL
2014: Data Transfer Strategies for Overset and Hybrid Computational Methods
Dr. Nicolas Reveles - ATA Engineering
2014: Advanced Methods for Dynamic Aeroelastic Analysis of Rotors 
Dr. James Cook - CymStar LLC
2014: Development of an Aeroelastic Methodology for Surface Morphing Rotors

Dr. Rajiv Shenoy
2014: Overset Adaptive Strategies for Complex Rotating Systems 
Dr. Nicholas Liggett - SpaceX
2012: Numerical Investigation of Static and Dynamic Stall of Single and Flapped Airfoils
Dr. Afifa Zaki - co-advised with Dr. Olivier Bauchau
2012: Using Tightly-Coupled CFD/CSD Simulation for Rotorcraft Stability Analysis
Dr. Eric Lynch - NAVAIR
2011: Advanced CFD Methods for Wind Turbine Analysis
Dr. Jennifer Abras - NAVAIR
2009: Enhancement of Aeroelastic Rotor Airload Prediction Methods
Dr. Andrew Shelton
2008: A Multi-resolution Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Unsteady Compressible Flows 
Dr. David O'Brien - AMRDEC
2006: Analysis Of Computational Modeling Techniques For Complete Rotorcraft Configurations
Dr. David Findlay - NAVAIR
1999: A Numerical Study of Aircraft Empennage Buffet